Long Distance Relationship Dating Tips
Long Distance Relationship . This kind of love, of course, knows no place and time, anywhere that feeling can blossom. Because of that, many pairs of different distances have sprung up; rivers, mountains, seas, to continents.

Of course, couples like this do have their own challenges from love in general. If trust and love are not too strong, relationships can easily fall apart. Before that happens, try reading these tips first:


Nowadays, everything is easy. Although different continents, there are many communication alternatives that can be taken. In addition to the telephone, with the sophistication of the internet, chatting via chat can be done. Want to send photos to video everything is possible. Moreover, the cost is also much cheaper. There is no longer any reason not to communicate. If you have doubts, suspicions, or other feelings, express them directly to your lover. Don't hold back and second-guess yourself.

Long Distance Relationship Dating Tips

About the frequency, adjust to each activity. Do not disturb and make him upset.

But on the sidelines of electronic communication, there is nothing wrong with occasionally being interspersed with ordinary letters by post. In addition to being more personal, in a regular letter you can put a fragrance that you often use so that it creates a feeling of nostalgia for him. If he misses home food, there's nothing wrong with sending him his favorite dish from time to time. But before that, check with the delivery company or post office about food delivery procedures.


Surprises are often the refresher of a relationship. For long distances, you can use a delivery service. Occasionally sending flowers can be a romantic antidote. If there is enough time for a vacation, surprise him by coming to his city. But also remember his bustle, dont demand his time too much. If possible, find out his schedule for the day. Your visit also doesn't need to be long, the important thing is that the feeling of longing has been treated.

Set rules

To avoid misunderstandings and unwanted things, you should set some ground rules. For example, how long do you have to meet, do you have to call every day, are there special days where you have to meet, and various other rules of the game.