After a family, you will spend more time taking care of the children. Like it or not and like it or not, sometimes your partner must be willing to be numbered so that you can continue to ensure that your baby lives comfortably until they are teenagers.

You will spend more time taking care of children How to Get Back Intimate with Your Partner

It is not uncommon for your intimacy and old-fashioned partner to become obsolete, even lost just like that. In fact, from the beginning you both have promised to keep loving each other until the end of life. So when it's like this, how must it be?

Do not worry! Read here the solution so that you can still be intimate with your husband and keep the flames of romance burning , after his death, he is not yet an adult and wanders.

How to Get Back Friendly With a Spouse

After years of living together, returning the intimacy that was similar to the first time dating was not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Stiffness and awkwardness must arise at the beginning when you try to return to living alone at home after the death of the child to live independently, whether it is migrating to college and doing work or getting married. Especially if you and your partner have been away for too long because they are busy managing their respective household obligations.

However, citing the Huffington Post, there have been many studies that indicate that the happiness and harmony of couples will actually peak after their children leave home. Here are a lot of management arts that you and your husband can do to restore the intimacy that had faded:

1. Make time to chat together every day

Whose name has been living together for so many years, you may already really know who your partner is like your own shadow. Starting from his daily routine, favorite dishes, to details like what can make him angry or moody quickly. Vice versa. Your partner is the person who understands you best.

This can make the chat material even more limited. Moreover, the two of you generally talk about only repetitive things about the condition of the children, house, money, and work. Try to remember, when was the last time you and your partner sat down and chatted together like in the old days of PDKT?

Therefore, first try starting from talking about trivial things even though the answer is less important. There's nothing wrong with spending time talking that is not important because after all, the responsibilities of both of you as parents have been greatly reduced.

For example, you can open a dialogue by asking “You know this artist X, don't you, Pah? Was he just yesterday…” or “If we had more money, where would you like to go?” In fact, there's nothing wrong with discussing sex by inserting light jokes and jokes so it's not awkward. But as much as possible, stay away from topics around children and the home, yes!

Who knows from this kind of light dialogue, you are both able to get back in touch with your husband through spreading your thoughts, feelings, dreams, to your anxiety and frustration.
2. It's okay to be spoiled with a partner
Many say that distance separates them. Distance here means emotional closeness, aka the inner bond between you and your partner. The longer you've been married, the more distant you will feel from your partner because you're stuck in each other's routine activities. Over time this will not only distance your mind, but also your physical.

To get around this, try to take the initiative to do something simple but spontaneous. For example, holding his hand and leaning his head on his shoulder when he is calmly watching TV together at home. Or, surprise him with an occasional peck on the cheek or a warm hug from behind.

Meski tampaknya sepele, kontak fisik mirip ini secara tidak langsung memberikan bahwa Anda mengapresiasi dirinya sehingga membuat pasangan merasa dihargai keberadaannya. Ia pun juga akan termotivasi untuk senantiasa berusaha “membalas” memanjakan Anda.

3. Cari inspirasi kencan baru

Over time, you may start to get bored and feel tired of living the relationship. However, don't let it drag on. Take advantage of the absence of an adult at home to return to being intimate with your partner through various events that both of you have enjoyed or wanted to try but never got around to.

For example, watching a movie together, having a special dinner at the place where you first went on a date, going on a picnic with the "second honeymoon" argument, exercising together in the open, and other activities that can make you feel intimate again with your husband.

Couples who are able to enjoy quality time are both reported to be happier in obsolete time.

4. More appreciation for the partner

Years of being married and living together may make you forget to appreciate your partner during this time. In fact, appreciating your partner is one of the foundations for a lasting relationship.

Start with simple things, similar to thanking you for all the sacrifices and hard work that has been done for you. In addition, offering appreciation can also be done by being a good listener when he is confiding in you.

This will not only make your partner feel appreciated, but also be able to spur each other to be able to see the real things from each other, as well as motivate both of you to always try to show the best for each other.