Nowadays there are many types of network topology used by the community. Starting from the bus topology, mesh topology, ring topology, Linear topology, star topology, peer to peer topology.

Of course the use of the type and each of these network topologies differ from one another. Each type of topology has the advantages and disadvantages of each of which use you have to adjust to the needs. This time, however, will be discussed further on the peer to peer topology.

This type of topology is actually quite simple because the installation uses only two computers connected to each other. So this type of topology only use one cable to do the data exchange process. Here is further explanation on the understanding of peer to peer topology and the advantages and disadvantages of using peer to peer topology.

Understanding the Peer to Peer topology

As previously described, the peer to peer topology is a fairly simple network topology because it only connects 2 computers and uses 1 cable in the range.

A peer to peer topology is a network inside a computer in which the grid consists of only a few computers, not even more than 10 computers. So each other computer can interact with each other without a server. It can be said if every computer can be a client or a server. It is the concept of a peer to peer topology.

A peer to peer network topology is always associated with the bus network topology type, but in the peer to peer topology it has a form of communication as well as the direction of the connection is not as direct as in the type of bus topology.

In a peer to peer topology network, users of each computer device have responsibilities on the administration of computer resources, ranging from creating usernames, sharing, marking access permissions, and more. Each user has responsibility in backing up the data contained in the computer.

For the installation of this peer to peer network topology is actually included cheap and easy to do. The type of peer to peer network topology usually requires only 2 computers that have a NIC (Network Interface Card) network card and are connected to the same network. Once the computer can connect, the user will be able to share data or information with other users directly and directed.

Advantages of Peer to Peer topology
The peer to peer topology has several distinct advantages. Here are some advantages of using peer to peer topology, among others are:

  1. This type of network topology has an independent nature, in which every computer that is in the network can do various things without any reliance from the server or other connecting devices such as switches, hubs and other Etc.
  2. Every computer device in a peer to peer topology network can transfer files and receive files tailored to the needs of each individual.
  3. The procurement cost of a peer to peer topology is cheaper compared to the network topology type. This is because in this network does not require server computers or other connecting devices in the network.
  4. It's easier to implement, this is because there's a lot of support coming from the latest model software and hardware.
  5. Using a peer to peer network topology will not burden other computer work on the network. This is because each computer has its own files and the files can also be used with other computers together.

Not only has the advantage, the use of a peer to peer topology also has some flaws in it, among others are:
  1. The security level of this type of network topology is considered less assured, this is because every computer within the network has different security system with each other.
  2. The settings and configuration of this peer to peer topology are more complicated.
  3. The concept of data storage that is in the network of peer topology is owned by each computer. So when one of the computers in the network is experiencing interference then it makes data access become compromised.
  4. Because the data is scattered in each device, then of course should be done backup in each computer.
Well that's a complete explanation about the understanding of peer to peer topology and its shortcomings and advantages in its use. Of course the use of network topology must be adjusted to your needs so that its use can be maximized.