Slice the Onion Ear Before You Sleep, The Next Day You Will Get the Miracle
THEBOEGIS.COM – Onions are vegetables that can make us cry and taste our food. But did you know that not only the two elements, onions still have other benefits such as media for wiping the grill, and as a supporter of our health when placed in our ears & socks. Why do you get it?

Of course! Onions have compounds that prevent flu, fever, and other signs.

Does your ear often hurt? Why not try this one step: Look for an onion that is already composed - to & look for the smallest piece, rest in unison to put the onion in the outer ear and watch at the end after you wake up.

Onions are efficient for making it easier to relieve ear cavity while also reducing pain. besides, onions and helps us soften our ear bones & make it easy for us to clean the dirt in the inner ear.

So what if the onions are accompanied by socks? Onions placed in socks support us to make our anti-bacterial and anti-virus stronger. Not only that, it also has the benefit of killing bacteria and microorganisms as well as cleaning our blood in blood vessels.

It's easy to do ... just follow the instructions in this article: It's Strange to Wear Socks with Bombay Onions, But the Benefits Are Magical! The onion has many benefits.

Don't just assume he is a vegetable, he can also be a natural remedy.