The hair in the armpit room is indeed sometimes a problem for each woman, with stubborn hair that will reduce the level of self-confidence of women to look attractive. Certainly it would be difficult to dress having to choose clothes that have long sleeves resulting in an appearance that is not optimal because of that problem.

Various steps are taken to get rid of underarm hair one of them by shaving, pulling or using hair removal cream, armpits but some people who are determined to pluck the armpit hair because the armpit hair is easy to make and uncomfortable for women, but know through the steps to pull the armpit hair can cause adverse effects on the armpit skin. Can the impact caused by pulling out armpit hair cause breast cancer?

The narrative: 

According to Dr. Therese Bevers from M. D, shaving or pulling underarm hair will cause invisible wounds where the pores of the armpits will easily become enlarged, and eventually can cause chemical content and toxins in products such as deodarant and some other creams will easily enter the skin.

Moreover, antiperspirant deodorant that will easily enter the skin because antiperspirant substances can prevent perspiration which will release toxins that enter, such things cause toxins to accumulate in the breast and after that can cause cancer.

In fact, it is not only breast cancer, but from toxins that enter once possible into other organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs.

In retracting underarm hair there is no recognized way of injury and enlarged pores until after it swells and becomes inflamed or suppurated on the skin of the armpits and can cause infection and irritation which can cause cell mutation and after that can have a chance of cancer breast.

Dr. Therese also conveyed that the armpit hair is actually useful to make armpit protection from several chemicals and toxins where in the armpits there are lymph glands that can facilitate the transportation of toxins that enter the head and other organs.

It is good for some people to be selective in establishing safe steps to clean armpit hair so as not to cause injury to the skin of the armpits. Can I clean armpit hair? It should be cut with special scissors because it can avoid the chance of injury to the armpit skin, rather than by pulling underarm hair can have an adverse effect which is a sign that it is recognized as causing a risky disease.