The team of doctors at the Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England, found some of the problems where tapeworms had successfully entered a man's brain. This parasite is known as Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei.

Worms that have entered the brain can cause shortages in the legs and often experience convulsions. Problems like this have been going on since the period in 1953 and 2013 and generally this is happening in Asia.

These are some of the foods that can cause your body to be infected by parasites. 

Pork Meat pork contains a lot of tapeworms. Tapeworms can be found in various types of shapes but 3 of them can easily infect the brain.

How can worms in pork enter the first one is the consumption of pork that has been infected with parasites first. Second, through immediate contact with infected human feces or parasitic infected pigs.

Do not worry if you are attacked by this parasite ... because in fact there is a cure, such as Praziqantil.
This drug is used against schistosomiasi disease, except this drug used for cancer is identified as the most likely treatment for getting rid of parasites in the brain.