THEBOEGIS.COM - Chives are generally used as ingredients for various types of food, such as to improve the taste of dishes. This kind of thing gives a unique and delicious taste.

The leaves are one of the most popular and nutritious vegetables and are also commonly used for medicine. Except for the leek tiu popular with low calories and rich in vitamins.

The vitamins contained are A, C, B2 or thymine and vitamin k. Along with that, it is a good source of minerals such as copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. The pectin content in it can help treat various types of cancer.

With a variety of advantages, it has health benefits 

from leeks, as written on Boldsky's page.

Good for the heart 
Anti-oxidants in leeks avoid damage to DNA, to prevent free radical action. Vitamin C helps in reducing the level of blood pressure in the body which can reduce the chance of heart disease. Sulfur content can also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Support the benefits of breathing
Chives are one of the common ingredients for treating colds. Existing ingredients can stimulate the busyness of the respiratory system and help expel phlegm from the body.

Control blood sugar 
According to one recent research, the sulfur content in it helps in lowering blood pressure. This kind of thing increases the level of insulin which is very important for the transportation of sugar in the blood to some cells of the body.

Increase bone density 
Onions are packed with vitamins C and K mainly for the normal benefits of bone. Vitamin K can increase bone density.

Protects normal vision 
The carotenoids and leuthein contained in the onions act as a protective agent and the abundant vitamin A in them also protects the eyes and protects eye health.