Tutorial on Making Direct Links Download Google Drive
Tutorial on Making Direct Links Download Google Drive
3 Ways to Make Google Drive Direct Download Links [Google Drive Automatic Download]

Good evening this time I will share about how to do a Tutorial or Direct Link Download Google Drive Tutorial. until now Google Drive is still a favorite service for uploading and downloading process because it's very good service.
Google Drive is not only used for storage, but can also be downloaded publicly when we share. It's just that the URL provided by Google is not a direct download link. To make it easier for users who want to download the files that you have shared, you need a permanent direct link, so that with a single click on the link, the file or document can be downloaded immediately. Here's how to create a download link directly from Google Drive, here are three ways to make it:

Method 1: Change the Google Drive link ID code

Make sure the file to be shared has been set to "Share Public". In order to obtain the share link (share link).

Example of a share link:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/ 1wUVb_ahWfJ7WDCPUFugUMxnJLrQGRtP3 / edit? usp = sharing

The red color is the ID for the file in Google Drive. To get the Direct Link, then replace the link above with the format as below:

https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id= ID of your file

So the link will be:

https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id= 1wUVb_ahWfJ7WDCPUFugUMxnJLrQGRtP3

The link above is a direct link that you can place on your blog website

Method 2: Using a Website URL Generator

Tutorial on Making Direct Links Download Google Drive
One of the URLs that can be used is gdurl.com  . Just visit the site. Paste the Google Drive share link and "Create Permalink" . The result if true is that you will be given:

  • Standard URL is a standard link that leads to a file or document.
  • Download URL is a link to download a file or document.
  • Full Document Viewer is a link to display documents in the browser.
  • Embedded Document Viewer (JavaScript) to display documents on your website (embed) with JavaScript.
  • Embedded Document Viewer (iframe) to display documents on your web (embed) with iFrame.

Method 3: Using the Google2 Direct Website

Please open the following website: Google2Direct
Tutorial on Making Direct Links Download Google Drive

  • Enter the link from Google Drive that has been copied to the Enter your sharing URL section
  • click the create direct link button the results will come out in the output link box
  • Click and press CTRL + A then Ctrl + C to copy the link from the Output Link
  • Then paste it on our site to get the Google Drive direct download.

Now that's a friend how to make a Google Drive Direct Download Link and this can apply to all types of files, ranging from movies, Mp3, RAR, etc.

That's all about the "Tutorial on Making Direct Links to Download Google Drive" Hopefully Helpful for Friends, Everyone