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    Simpanse Premium Responsive Blogger Template

    Simpanse Premium Responsive Blogger Template


    Simpanse Premium Templates Redesign is the best Design Material template for Blogger. This template is suitable for personal blogs, developer / designer blogs, showcase projects, commercial blogs, news blogs, etc. This template was created without CSS / JavaScript Framework. By using this template on your blog, you will look cool and professional. Chimps Premium Templates Redesign is a Material Age template that I edited supporting the Blogger Theme Designer such as colors, headers, toolbars, footers, buttons, etc. In addition, Material Age also supports customizing JavaScript libraries such as ripples, toolbars, scroll indicators, random posts, etc.


    • Responsive
    • Material Design
    • Vanilla JavaScript without jQuery
    • Without any CSS / JavaScript Framework
    • Easy To Customize
    • Unlimited Color Themes
    • SEO Optimized
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Vaild structured data
    • HTML5 / CSS3 valid code
    • Responsive Design
    • Accessibility Optimized
    • Cross-Browser Compatibility Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera Mini, Edge, IE10, IE11
    • Ads Ready (In Feeds, Before / After Post, Top Ads, Bottom Ads, Sticky Ads)
    • RTL Support (arabic)
    • Translation Ready (manual)
    • Google Translate widget (RTL / LTR support)
    • RTL / LTR Mode
    • Night Mode
    • Fullscreen Mode
    • Loader Animation
    • Scroll Indicator (can disable or enable)
    • Toolbar / Top App Bar (2 type hide toolbar on scroll down only posts / pages, can disable or enable)
    • Skip main content
    • Toggle Notification (notification at Dialog / Modal)
    • Drawer Menu (Modal Drawer, Dismissible Drawer)
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Footer Menu
    • Back to top
    • Header (showing only feeds pages)
    • Scroll Down
    • Searchbar (3 types on Header and Toolbar)
    • Grid Feeds
    • Shuffle Posts (can disable or enable)
    • Blog Paging (Pagination / Loadmore)
    • Featured Widget
    • Widget Slider
    • Random Post at Snackbar
    • Related Post
    • Subscribe Box
    • Sidebar (showing only on article pages)
    • Sidebar Tabs (Popular Post, Labels, Archive)
    • Sticky Sidebar Widget - Only one widget (recommend used to Ads)
    • 3 types of comments system, can display only one (Blogger, Disqus, Facebook)
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Meta Post
    • Print button with styling print pages (only article pages)
    • Share Button (includes google analytics)
    • Share Capital
    • Author Card
    • Anchor Headings (Automatic)
    • Table of Contents (Automatic)
    • Dialogs (Capital)
    • Snackbars
    • Alerts
    • Accordion
    • Tooltips
    • Buttons
    • Ripples
    • Lazyload Images
    • Clipboardjs (button share, pre tags)
    • Anti Inspect Elements (can disable or enable)
    • JavaScript Library Customize
    • No Encrypt JS
    • Support Update
    • And Much Much More ...
    • More...


    Note: We want to improve the performance and usability of our website so that you can really get the most from our website. One more thing is that We publish all content only for testing purposes not for commercial use, so if you have money then we strongly encourage you to buy the necessary themes, etc. from the original developer's website. Use this theme yourself and this Theme No Template Update Support! We only share the Clone file, Redesign which at any time There will be an update Look more interesting from the developer, To get it you have to buy from the developer template.

    Template Details

    • Name Simpanse
    • File Theme, Content Demo & Doc
    • Layout Responsive
    • Redesign Ros Diana
    • Designer Pinkyui

    Clone Version

    • Remove Footer Credits
    • One Time Payment
    • No Encrypted Scripts
    • Lifetime Premium Support
    • For Unlimited Domains
    • Do not accept Updates
    • And Much More...

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    Powerful & High Quality

    The reason why choosing our premium template.


    A cool Template is available that supports valid AMP HTML


    Responsive Optimized for your blog that adapts to all devices


    SEO Ready templates built with the best SEO practice in mind


    Easily place your Adsense ads to increase your revenue


    The template loading speed is well optimized and very perfect

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