Set the Custom Robot Tag Header Blog
Good evening, friend Wiendhy wiana, this time I will share tips about SEO about How to Set a Custom Robot Tag Header Blog.
This is because you can't add the robot.txt file on blogger. Custom robot header tags themselves serve to help search engines determine which parts of your blog you want to index and which parts you want to hide from Google search results.

For those who do not understand correctly, I suggest not to tamper with this section and leave it like the blogger standard. Because if it's a little wrong, your blog or article will be indexed for a long time or not indexed at all.
If you want to try it, just follow these steps:

1. Open the Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings

2. Then, click Search Preferences

3. There you will find crawlers and indexing and special robot header tags

4. Then, select the Edit button and click Yes
5. After that adjust the settings with the image below
6. When finished, click Save changes.

AllAllow search engines to index all pages and content of blogs.
NoindexDoes not allow search engines to display this page in search results and does not show "Cached" links in search results.
NofollowThis tag does not allow search engines to follow the links on this page.
NoneThis tag has a value equivalent to the noindex tag, nofollow.
NoarchiveDo not allow search engines to show "Cached" links in search results.
NosnippetSearch engines are not permitted to show description snippets in search results for this page.
NoodpThis tag does not allow search engines to use metadata from the Open Directory Project for titles or pieces that are displayed for this page.
TranslateSearch engines are not permitted to offer translations of this page in search results.
NoimageindexThe images on this page are not allowed to be indexed by search engines.
Unavailable afterPages will not be displayed in search results after the specified date / time. Date / time must be set in RFC 850 format.