How to Fix Blog Structure for SEO Friendly
How to Fix Blog Structure for SEO Friendly - Blogs with a very good and true structure can make search engine bots easily index and crawl blogs. If the search engine bot cannot index and crawl the blog, then SEO optimization will not run properly. Here's the article How to Fix Blog Structure for SEO Friendly to help you optimize your blog.

Blogs that have a variety of structures have different SEO optimization techniques for blogs. Articles How to Fix Blog Structure so that I have compiled SEO Friendly into one-on-one and you can learn easily.

1. Blog Templates

Templates have appeared with various types according to the manufacturer. From those who see the beauty of the blog, from the side of their own creativity, and there are also those who directly optimize the Blog Templates that they make to become SEO friendly templates. Few errors in blog templates can make SEO optimization a total failure. Because without templates, blogs will not be able to navigate properly.

2. Tag Heading

Templates have different Heading Tags to optimize your blog to become SEO friendly. Headings with bad structures can only make it difficult for search engine bots to start indexing and crawling your blog. But on the contrary, templates with neat and correct structures can make it easier for search engine bots to index and crawl your blog. To optimize heading tags in your template.

3. Meta Tags and Tittle Tags

Techniques for inserting Meta Tags and Tittle Tags on blog templates have been done by bloggers to optimize their blogs. Some follow the default template, follow the meta tags and tittle tags that they found when blogwalking, some are experimenting with their own meta tags. Don't get the wrong meta tag and tag tag on the template because the consequences are very bad for your blog.

4. Robot.txt and Tag Header

Every blogger has tried various types of Robot.txt and Tag Headers on their blogs. Sometimes there are people who are fiddling with what they don't know for what. If there are bloggers who are fiddling with robot.txt and header tags carelessly, the search engine bot will incorrectly respond to the intent of the robot.txt and the header tag that has been installed. So, be careful before you start unpacking the robot.txt and the header tag of your blog.

5. Loading Blog

The various causes that make Blog Loading very slow have begun to be taken into account. Bloggers who already understand SEO optimization have started to avoid things that make loading their blogs so slow. SEO optimization that is done with difficulty will not be useful if the blog has a long loading. Because it will make it difficult for search engine bots to index and crawl blogs. Moreover, visitors who are tired of waiting, instead of reading your article instead close the close tab on their browser. 

Learn how to optimize your blog to be SEO friendly correctly. Don't just tinker with it carelessly. Articles How to Fix Blog Structure for SEO FriendlyI have gathered this through my own experience and through blogwalking. Do it right if you want your blog to be more SEO friendly than before. 

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